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Default Re: Symptoms after the cruise ??

It is the first symptom of PCD. The ear is the center of your sense of balance and of motion. It is also incidentally the organ which is most directly involved with sensing the ships ambient environment. In the absence of the sounds which are unmistakably "ship," your senses attempt to fill in the blanks. Hence, you feel as if something is missing. The land "doesn't move right" as the mutant said in Waterworld. That's the nub of the physiological phenomenon.

But on a metaphysical level, what's really happening is that you're being called by the soul of your next ship. My advice is that you book your next cruise as soon as possible, though you may not yet know who she is. Booking the cruise will resolve her identity, and might give your life onshore a focal point. Nothing so thoroughly or quickly cures PCD like anticipation of the next cruise.

Steve--already Enchanted with the next cruise. And after that I'll be inspired for the next.

Until Enchantment.
Until Inspiration
Sensation 2/03

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