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Default September

Do you think that Alaska cruise beginning on Sep. 21 is too late in the year. I don't mind a little cold weather but will it be too cold or too wet?

Thanks for your help.


I have to give my experience only- I have cruised the third week of Sept as my second yearly trip for 2 years (last years Spirit (9-12 scheduled trip didn't go). As a many time Alaska visitor it is far better all the way around earlier- my favorite time is mid to late August. Things to prepare for late season- don't expect a decrease in crowds- most ships sail through the third week now with the extended season and ships will be full as they discount to attract buyers and "give the trips at severe discounts to" travel industry employees. Temps average 40-50 with average 3 days of rain- these are averages only and certainally good weather can prevail!!! But the key is to be prepared for it and enjoy. Daylight however doesn't change(; dusk on the inside passage will be around 7pm 3rd week of Sept, so you need to plan your port touring very carefully. In my experience as well- wildlife spotting is better earlier as well. Marine wildlife however is still excellent but be dressed for the viewing with knit hat and gloves and layers. Most of all expect big discounts- keep checking rates on your own via several online agencies.
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