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Default Icebergs

My girl-friend thinks that her life is in danger of a Titanic type of event on the Alaska voyage. Is there in any merit in her fears??? What safe guards do modern ships have to prevent late night disasters???

Finally, how close do the cruise ships come to the Icebergs??

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We just got back from Alaska and we found the ship to be very safe. We went to Prince William Sound where there were ice bergs, but nothing like the Titanic!! They were very small, I mean very small, and the ships only do about 4 knots through them. They will not take you anywhere that would endanger the passengers.

Hope this helps.

Some bergs were 1 foot by 1 foot, all the way to ten feet round. Don't worry!! Enjoy. Instead of worrying about hitting one, sit back and listen to the snap, crackle pop of the ice!! It is fantastic!!
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