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Kenny C.A.
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Default Re: hubbard glacier

I don't think that the larger ships like the Radiance of the Sea, Star Princess, or other large ships are really able to get close enough to the the Glacier areas because of their size. I think their ships can be struck by the underwater glaciers. That is why I chose the Mercury ship to see Hubbard Glacier in May and the Ocean Princess in July to see the Glacier Bay and other Glaciers.

I was joking with some friends if we had gone on the Radiance or the Star, the captain would not be able to get as close as we did to the glaciers. I think all they can do is point to the area from far away and say see the glaciers over THERE!! So I guess my theory was right.

I am sorry you didn't get to see it close up.

We saw a very small Alaskan Exployer ship that
put their passengers in small boats so they could get dangerously close to the Glaciers as the Glaciers were breaking apart and splashing into the ocean. People were saying they would like to go on that ship next time. They cost more but you get real close to the glaciers.
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