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Gary Karschnick
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Default Re: Re: Soup to Nuts, A to Z

Just to make things perfectly clear. We tok whale watching tours both with Capt. Larry and with the cruise line. Captain Larry offers a fine tour and his office staff is very nice. His boat was crowded with 23 people on board and being a single hull was very rocky in the choppy waters. (Quite a few people got sick.) The snack offered was smoked salmon pieces and ritz crackers. We saw 2 whales and followed them for about an hour. The only times available for his cruise caused us to miss dinner on the ship. No big deal, but a factor, nevertheless.

On the cruise line whale watching trip, we had a large catamaran with fewer passengers. (More stable and less crowded.) The snack included various salmon and other spreads, breads, cheeses and various soft drinks. We saw 9 whales and one of them actually came right up to the boat and "looked us over". (Pure luck) One baby was having fun broaching out of the water. (Again, luc at being at the right place.) Also, the cruise line tour promised to refund the cost if no whales were seen.

Whichever tour you take, it is a wonderful experience and not to be missed. Have a great trip.
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