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Default Re: Late September in Alaska

We did get a great price on our cruise, I was looking at prices so that we could start saving for a cruise for possibly next year and when we saw the price for this cruise we felt that we couldn't do better and the price for the 2 of us is what we had expected to pay for 1 to go, that is why we chose this date. We are from Portland OR so a little rain wont bother us, but we certainly wouldn't mind nice weather :0) just so excited to be cruising that we want to make the most of our trip. We don't have a lot of extra $$$ to do some of the more expensive excursions. We thought we would pick one excursion to go on for the whole trip and want to pick one that we will have a great time on. The other ports we will explore on our own. So we are going to be at Jeauno, Skagway, and Ketchican and want to pick an excursion that isn't too long but at the port that would have the least to explore on our own. We are just happy to get to go!
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