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Default Re: Re: Re: vancouver hotels next to Canada Place

Hi Linda E:

Just a note on the Canadian $$. It has risen quite rapidly against the US buck in the last couple of months. When I went to St. Maarten in January 03, I was paying $1.58 Canadian for a US buck. When my wife and I cruised the Triumph in April '03 it was $1.48 Cdn for a US dollar. This week I had it quoted @ 1.38 Cdn to the US dollar. So if any Cruisers are buying Cdn. $$ they may want to get some soon, in case is continues to gain ground against the eagle. You will still get good value for your "eagle" with the advantage it has over the "Loonie". Vancouver is a nice place to spend your dollar, whether US or Canuck!

Happy Hotel Hunting to all,

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