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Default Vancouver & Seattle Hotel Savings!!

I originally booked the Hyatt in Vancouver at $150 (US) and the Warwick in Seattle at $189 post-cruise in August. Despite many posts of successful bids on Priceline, I was skeptical about using it. However, I just tried it this morning and got the Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle for $55 (US) and the Grand Hyatt in Seattle for $98. I am saving almost $200 over 2 nights. The other bonus (just as important in my mind) is that they are now paid for before I leave. This is an expense I won't have to worry about charging on our vacation. So, now that my cruise, airline and hotels are all paid up, the only expenses I have to worry about are shipboard expenses and meals off ship and souveniers. It's great to have a trip almost completely paid for before even leaving. If you decide to use Priceline, make sure you go to first to find out how much you should bid.
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