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It's still been too light. For any chance be out by 0100 and invest several hours. Some lodging interior will ring you if visable, but you really need to get out of lighted areas. My favorite "fast " place is to pull off on the Steese highway- just over the hill past the Chena Hot Springs exit. This web site send out email updates.


Sky watchers at high and middle latitudes should be alert for the possibility of minor to major storm conditions on July 26 - 28. Isolated periods of strong auroral substorm activity may be intense enough to be observed as far south as Washington State, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The United Kingdom, the northern Netherlands, northern Germany, northern Russia, southern Australia and New Zealand are expected to see activity as well. The source for this disturbance is a high speed coronal wind stream which will most likely enhance geomagnetic conditions through August 3.

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