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Default Re: Late September Weather

We just got back on the 20th. It was in the 50's with wintry winds (according to the locals).

We did the dogsledding thru port promotions. Yes it is on gravel, but the glacier ones have been cancelled since Sept 1. It was great!! Good city tour on the way, then you get to play with the pups and interact with the dogs.

Second thing we did (if you're a gardener or tea person) was to go to Jewell Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous.. You have flowers and trainsets like the lower 48 surrounded by snow capped mountains. They have an afternoon tea service and great baked goods. They are out of the main shopping area, so you may want to visit their website and book ahead (they picked us up).

My parents took the bus tour, said it was ok. Table mates took the train and weren't very impressed. You got great views one direction, but look at the mountain face the other way.
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