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Default Re: First Time Alaska Cruise

For clairfication- the Round trip Seattle Princess ships DO NOT go to Glacier Bay- they sail the twin Sawyer Glaciers. Most ALL Glacier Bay sailings go up the Tarr inlet and spend at least 30 mins. in front of the Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers. ONLY Sept. sailings can get up to the Hopkins glacier as it is closed the rest of the season as a harbor seal sanctuary, with it closed you get a view 5 miles away. Major lines sail up there depending on schedules and I have done so twice on Sept. sailings I've been on- Princess and Carnival, but not this year. (interesting also, the starboard side got NO view of the Grand Pacific/ Margerie glaciers) Also for looking at pricing trends- you aren't going to get any deals now compared to what will be available next spring. So be certain to keep track of pricing trends especially starting around March when capacity control kicks in and they have to fill cabins- it will pay to be flexable. Last several years- back through 1999 in my recall- Princess has unloaded their inside space for about $500 and less, including my $475 trip this year. So be on the look out and be agressive if it matters to you. Happy sailing!
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