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Default Re: Alaska Cruisetour ?

Mike P,
We did a 5-day (4-night) landtour after our northbound Alaska cruise and had a wonderful time. We only had 2 weeks for vacation and wanted to do as much as possible. We went into it knowing our days would be fast-paced, did and saw a great deal, and came home with incredible memories to last a lifetime. (We went with a fully escorted cruisetour through the cruiseline--northbound cruise followed by the landtour.)

Places Visited on the Landtour:
Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, Fairbanks (overnight stay in each)

The first two legs of the landtour were by coach; the 3rd & 4th by Alaska Railroad. Our coach was quite comfortable, and we absolutely loved the train. We had the same coach, same coach driver and the same landtour guide throughout.

We did not mind the transit time at all as we were traveling through magnificent scenery. We also found transit time great for relaxing and catching up on our travel journals, as we were on-the-go every minute at each of our stops.

The train experience proved to be a highlight of the trip for us. A 2nd guide joined us on the train and was absolutely wonderful--shared fascinating tales of local history, told us about the areas we were passing through, and kept us in stitches with her delightful sense of humor. We were on the train approx 4 hours each of 2 consecutive days, and the time flew both days.

Baggage Handling:
All baggage handling and baggage transfers were done for us. We just put out bags outside our hotel door in the morning, and our bags were waiting for us at our next hotel when we arrived.

Luggage was carried by coach the entire time. While we were on the train, our luggage was transported to our next hotel by our coach driver. We were also able to keep a carry on with us at all times on both the coach and the train. The baggage handling was fast and accurate. Not one piece of luggage was delayed or lost for any members of our landtour.

This post is already very long, so I'll stop here. If you would like more info, please let me know, and I'll email you.
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