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Default Re: Insurance -yes or no

A word of advise bout canceling a cruise if you purchase travel insurance. The insurers generally all require that before you cancel as the result of an illness or accident prior to the day of embarkation that you see a doctor who recommends that you should not take the cruise and giving a reason.

There have been some disputes on this matter where the passenger who has booked a cruise becomes sick or injured and he or she notifies the travel agent, or the cruise line or the insurer to cancel their booking. Then going to a doctor. IT DOn"T WORK THAT WAY WITH THE INSURER and this scenario has been upheld by court decisions siding with the insurer. Also if you do go to a doctor, remember the insurer will require information from the doctor as well as you.

It is advisable to be sure you have the insurer provide cancellation waiver for pre-existing conditions. A husband and wife taking a cruise may not realize itbut some insurers deny a claim if a parent or other close relative had a pre-existing condition requiring the cruise be canceled. The insurance obtained through some cruise lines may not offer to waive pre-existing conditions.

Travel Insurance is a Caveat Emptor( Buyer Beware) coverage so ascertain what you are getting in the way of protection..

Another point to remember. There are some cruise lines that may not refund the Port Charges. Your TA should check into this and if the cruise line has this practice, be sure to add the cost of the Port Charges to the amount of insurance you purchase.iour TA
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