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Default Re: Flight out of Vancouver home too early

What is this obsession with taking the earliest airline flt home after a cruise? Please listen to Micheled & Karen16 as they offer good advice - Sometimes cruiseships are delayed & unless u book 'air' thru them u are responsible for whatever happens - like missing an early flt. Have had this happen to friends - it cost them more than double to buy new airline tickets after the ship was delayed docking & they missed their flt not to mention spending almost a full day waiting for the next available flt home. Heard about another foursome who got a cab and it was in an accident - yup - they missed their flt too - so easy to do if u have a tight schedule! Sometimes even getting a cab is difficult with hundreds of people all needing them at the same. Why put yourself thru this stress just to arrive home a couple of hrs earlier? Now we take our flts after 1 pm & never worry if we will make it or not. YES u can do it earlier but u are gambling...feel lucky??? Happy cruisin'!
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