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Default Re: Did anyone else think Alaska was boring?

We are on the Coral Princess 28th Aug. 2004. Coming from Scotland we are paying a huge amount of money for this cruise and the last thing I hope I am going to be is "bored". The vast majority of reviews have been very stimulating and I am very excited about going to Alaska although it was my husbands choice of destination (I wanted to go to Hawaii- maybe next year!).

Our first cruise was 7 years ago and we did the Baltic capitals. St Petersburg in Russia is the single most awesome place I have visited to date. The whole feel of the city was "enigmatic" and the sights to see wonderful. This post reminded me of when we were there. My son was 10 at the time and he was "bored". We hoped as he got older and his outlook on life broadened he would appreciate the beauty and history he had been priveleged to witness first hand and indeed now when he looks back he does still talk about the magnificence of the Catherine Palace at Pushkin, the wonderful folk show we saw where there were no fancy acoustics or sound effects only the music made sometimes on old saws etc. and just the sheer beauty of the entire place.

Perhaps the original poster will be able to do likewise.
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