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We loved Icy Straight!!! It is such a natural area that truly gives you the real feel of Alaska. The locals are all very excited to see you as thios is a new port for the cruise ships. We were on the Summit July 9th southbound from Anchorage and they told us that we were about the thrd of fourth cruise ship to come there. Everything is very new and nice. You can walk through a BEAUTIFL pine forest. I actually have a picture that I took in that forest as my screen saver on my computor at my office. No one can believe that I actually took the picture. It is really a beautiful place to slow down, take a walk, sit along the shore and actually watch wales if you are lucky as they swim by. The gift shops are nice as they are supporting the local economy which has been hurt by the loggin industry stopping there. I didn't do any excursions there, but so enjoyed being there. I would not have wanted to miss it. Others may not agree, but everyone likes differant things. Enjoy your cruise. wish we were going with you!!!
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