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Default I'll tell you one company to avoid

We booked a float plane tour through a company called Last Frontier Tours. We also booked a bus tour to the Mendenhal Glacier through them. The woman who sold us the tour told us to take the 11:30 bus from the glacier back for the plane ride, then when we got on the bus, the bus driver told us that we could take the 12:00 bus back. Well to make a long story short, the bus driver was late picking us up by about 20 minutes and we missed our plane trip. Yes, we probably shouldn't have listened to the bus driver (hindsight is 20/20.... but she did work for the tour company selling the tour and she was so insistant that we could definitely take the later bus. So now we are out $800 because the Last Frontier Tours refused to give us our money back. They were also very nasty to us telling us that it was too bad...they have a no refunds policy. Any decent business would have refunded our money (the airline that was to do our tour didn't hold them responsible for the cost of our seats so basically they made $800 for doing nothing)
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