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Default Re: Alaska Packing List

1..Tshirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt,jacket with hood (see the layer affect?) I wore Jeans the entire time (except for ship dining). If jacket not waterproof, poncho, although you can buy the 10 dollar one on the ship (you know , the one thats 4 dollars at Walmart), bathing suit if you swim. I was on HAL and although known for the more classic cruising, most men didn't wear tuxes on formal nights , many suits and sportcoats. My wife wore a lot of short sleeve blouses, sweatshirt and jacket with hood. Mostly jeans but sometimes whatever the women's equivalent of dockers would be called. Many women wore dresses for formal nights, other nights were moslty pantsuits. Comfortable shoes for walking,,but didn't need 2 paris, but who knows.

2. Binoculars,,I didn't bring them, could see how they would have been helpful for deck viewing

3. I took 25 rolls of film (35 mm guy) so in digital terms , whatever memory stickk holds about 300 pictures, I also have a mega-zoom lens,,really handy

4. $$$$$$$$$$ for excursions and if you go nuts and want some jewlery (and I would say fur but you know how we folks in California feel about fur)

5. Stretch pants,, manditory for anyone traveling on any ship

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