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Default Re: celebrity infinity ok for teens?


We've booked for an Celebrity Alaska Cruise for July 2005. I have a teenage
daughter. Celebrity is not known for teens and kids, but we chose Celebrity
because we felt it would be more relaxing NOT to be on a ship with rock
climbing or inline skate rinks, etc. We are really looking for a quiet and
peaceful vacation and feel Celebrity provides that sort of environment.

If you teenager needs sports or entertainment, activities, Celebrity may not
be the cruise ship for you. My daughter is comfortable reading and doing
solitary activities.

We regularly go camping with a large group of friends to Yosemite every year.
Well, next year, that large group is going - all together (4-5 families, 4-6 teenage
boys) on an Alaska Princess Cruise - they have already booked 11 cabins on
the Princess Sapphire and have been trying and trying to get us to switch to
Princess. I have nothing against Princess (I've cruised the Carribean on
Princess, 14 days, Panama). They choose Princess for the activities available
for kids.

Another friend, also cruising next year, is cruising on RCI, and just loves RCI
for activities for kids.
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