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Dixie Lee
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Default Re: Re: Alaska Packing List

Wow, hopefully that is a once-in-a-lifetime incident! I would have been quite upset - so much anticipation and excitement for things to turn out like that as I'm sure you felt also. I don't imagine it's like an airplane, where one can quickly be brought in to replace another with just a few hours delay for the passengers?!

I appreciate the info on the camera.

Ordered a L.L. Bean catalog earlier today. Even here in the hot and humid south, we have days during the winter months where a Gortex windbreaker would be perfect. I don't want to put together an entire wardrobe of clothes that I would probably never wear again, so we are shopping carefully. I don't want to freeze my bottom or anything else off either! Just want to be comfortable.

Very reassuring that the HAL ship did well!

Thanks, Dixie
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