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Default Re: Northbound or Southbound?

"Guess next time I will just say "North is better.""

Actually, you can say that the one trip you did was north with a land tour and you enjoyed it.

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the long narrative and reasons for your choice. But you should also respect the opinions of others, and since you responded directly after mine, I did think the myths comment was aimed at me.

There really are pros and cons, I just gave my opinion, after north, south and round trip, of which I preferred, and all three were on the Spirit that the original poster asked about.

In doing a cruise only, I found I was far more tired after shore excursions, late nights on the ship, early mornings viewing the scenery and general having fun to have as much fun at the glaciers and Anchorage as I did going south and starting out there. I did South first and North second, round trip third. I'm not in a relaxing mode on an Alaska cruise, I'm hyper to see everything there is to see. Our opinions definitely differ (I wouldn't do an interior tour, I've seen pictures and Travel Channel specials and it doesn't interest me), but that's the good thing about the boards. I really thought that 'myths' was aimed at me, so sorry if I was wrong. But please don't say north is better, I would much rather you expand as much as possible on your reasons again if it comes up and say what you prefer, as I did.
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