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Default Re: john avant & frank black

Like I said in the other post - we didn't have any complaints. Ever eat at any buffet in LV? Well it is better than those. Ever eat at the Top of the Marriott in NYC or Culinary Institue of America in Hyde Park? Well it isn't really quite like that. Ever stay at an all-inclusive resort? boring boring-always the same - well much more variety than that. Yes there is lobster (your question from before). Yes Chops & Portfino are good but we figure we still got variety & everyone seems to gain enough wt on cruises - why pay the extra $, would rather spend the $ on seeing some of the stuff there is to do in the ports. You will not starve for sure. The midnite Gala buffet is quite something to see & sample as was the midnite chocolate buffet (that was more fun watching people endulge like zombies on the chocolate). Relax about the food & you will enjoy your trip.
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