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Default Re: How do you know when the drinks are free?

My first cruise I wasn't aware of this and the waiter came up and said would you like a "WELCOME ABOARD DRINK" Now who would think that would mean I would have to pay. So I said sure and then he said I need to see your sail and sign card. The drink was awful, so I just went to the bar and told them It was nasty and asked if I could get something else and I got a pina colada instead and no extra charge. So the Welcome aboard drink is not free. Also you will notice every where you turn they are asking you to get a drink. I politely tell them one of two things when I don't want one "I haven't eaten yet and can't drink on an empty stomach" or if I am trying to have lunch on the lido deck and they keep coming to the table I say "I'm in AA and can't drink". Works everytime.

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