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Corrine Lunt
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Default Re: Denali STATE park as good as NATIONAL park?

My friends and I tood the Princess train to Denali Princess Lodge. Once there we did the white water rafting on arrival; next day did the wilderness jeep tour (great fun) and the 4 hour Denali Park bus trip (wish we had done the 8 hour) and the dinner/show (cute but the food was just okay). The last morning before returning by train to Anchorage, we flew to Denali - I cannot tell you how absolutely gorgeous and moving this was. Well worth the $250 it cost. We even bought a t shirt that said we Summited Mount McKinley (although I will never call it Mt. McKinley again - only Denali which it deserves - much more dignified and powerful) The people who are in charge of the climbers are working very hard to keep this mountain pristine and not turn into a garbage dump like other mountains that are being climbed. Enjoy, Enjoy and feel blessed you have seen this "last great wilderness" before it is overrun and destroyed as only we humans can do.
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