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Default Re: Denali STATE park as good as NATIONAL park?

There are several Denali State parks to consider but in no way do they compare to the National Park. Nor will you have the wildlife viewing opportunities. In my opinion, the state parks are so so compared to the National park but great for RV'ers and hikers as a side trip. I would not ever recommend the selection of the state over the national.

Although the McKinley lodge is nice, independent travelers will have to contend with endless lines and waiting people arriving on and off buses. These lodges clearly cater to tours. McKinley is rarely viewable, if a priority, you need to budget several days there for the chance. But Talkeetna which is highly recommended for at least a stop have excellent flightseeing. Usually toursaver coupons available. But I would not stay at McKinley lodge more than a day, just not much in the area and time consuming doing "day" trips.

I would skip the Denali lodge anyway, far better lodging elsewhere and again, loaded with tourists and endless lines of people and buses.
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