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Default Re: Yangtze River Cruise

We went on the Yangtze river downstream cruise with the Victoria cruise on Victoria Princess. The scene was very good, land excursion, which are included with the cruise price, are excellent, except the ghost city & the Dam. I think they have already discontinue the ghost city excursion, but instead visit another old town up the hills (White Emperor City). This place has a lot of history and there is a museum there too. If you can do more research before going, it will be very nice.

The scenes of the "Tthree Gorges" and the "Three Lessor Gorges" are incredibly beautiful. Mind you, after the chinese government flood the river valley, everything will be gone. Not a lot of people go on downstream to LuShan & HuangShan. However, these are the places my husband and me enjoyed most. HuangShan has got pine trees, rocks that form so very special landscapes that makes the whole trip unforgetable. However, if you are not in good health, you should just walk a bit and turn back. The most fit should go all the way and you will be so surprise and what you see. It's exactly like what you've seen in a traditional chinese painting.

The ship - Victoria Princess - is a real old lady, and needs to be refurblished. The crew works very hard to please the passengers, from the Crew Director to the waitress/room service staff. Food is still very greasy, and not fit for European/American taste.

Hope this helps
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