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Herbert Rideout
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Default Caution on any China Cruises

We went on a 14 day Orient cruise which was wonderful until the end when many passengers including my wife got sick. We were in Bangkok and I requested help with my wife, wheel chair etc and the Princess agents said they would help but never did, she could hardly walk. I didn't want to put her in a hospital in Bangkok so we toughed it out and I at last got her home and immediately into the hospital at which time I got sick but not as bad, we suffered from respiratory problems. We were later contacted by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and they asked a lot of questions. Seems one aircraft flying back with ship passengers was diverted to Japan where some of them died. Since then we have learned that respiratory problems are common in that area. Hong Kong for example dumps its raw sewage just off shore in the ocean. When the wind comes up bacteria gets airborne and if you are so unfortunate as to be on deck you are exposed to all kinds of nasty stuff.
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