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Default RE: Grand Princess in St. Maarten

Thanks for the photo. That Grand is kind of a strange looking ship. I guess a lot of the newer ships look like high-rise buildings on their side. I'm somewhat of a traditionalist with a leaning toward the modern. But some ot the mega-ships disturb my sense of design. I'm sure they are quite oppulant inside, but I miss some of the more interesting design elements. I'll have to write up my experience on the Norwegian Dream in the Cruise Reviews area. There were so many nice things I discovered on that ship that I was pleasently surprised. I would sail her again in a minute. I hope my upcoming experience on the Veendam is just as good.

Since we were talking about photos, I'm still having trouble with my photo scanner so it will be a while until I can get the problem worked out and add a photo ot two of the Dream to my future messages or the Cruise Photo section. I have a question. Can more than one photo bve added to a message. I only see one photo per message. Is that the limit? Thanks again for the "Strange" Grand photo.
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