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Unfortunately, none of the rumors about Carnival are unfounded. The line has had a grossly disproportionate string of these incidents this year, so you are very wise no to take this possibility very seriously.

Also, I have talked to a number of Carnival passengers who have expressed the opinion that the line -- with its nude sunbathing platforms and rather wild party scene -- is not a suitable environment for minors. At the very least, it's not a line where I would take my children!

By way of full disclosure, these factors are among the reasons why I have consicentiously decided not to buy any shares of Carnival's stock. I do own a small interest in both Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (parent of both Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises) and Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Compnay (parent of P&O Cruises in the UK, Aida Cruises in Gerrmany, P&O Holidays in Austrailia, and Princess Cruises here in the States.

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