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Yes Brenda, in my opinion it is unfounded. Yes CCL did have a fire but there never has been a passenger hurt onboard a CCL ship by fire or collision. I have not heard of any food poisoning on CCL although it has happened on a couple of other cruise lines. CCL also has a policy that you must be 21 or older to cruise on one of their ships unless you are accompined by someone over 25 yrs old that is willing to accept responsibility and share your cabin. Also they do try to enforce the drinking age which is 21. I have seen a couple of people that most likely had more than they should to drink, but that has been on all cruieline ships and no more on CCL than the others. I have also smelled marijuana onboard the Ecstasy once, but I also smelled it onboard the Norway and Splendour of the Seas. I have found the people on Carnival to be very friendly and open and quite nice in almost all circumstances. No matter what line you choose you will find that the shorter cruises as well as those that span holidays to have a younger and 'rowdier' crowd, but no more so on CCL than other lines. To be perfectly frank, you are much safer onboard a cruise ship than any other vacation you can think of. The idea is to go and do as much or as little as you wish and just enjoy yourself. Sure, take normal precautions, but you will find cruising to be the safest and most enjoyable vacation you have ever had.
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