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Why don't you actually cruise this line and judge for yourself rather than listen to rumors and exaggerations? First off, there is no 'nude' deck. There is a topless bathing area that is well marked and out of the way and it caters to mainly foreign passengers who are not so uptight about the human body. You will see quite a bit of topless sunbathing on many islands as well as some total nudity, but not on the ship. CCL has had a couple of fires and some well published 'assaults' but if you look further you will find that the fires were well handled and no passengers were injuried in any fashion. The 'assaults' from what I have been able to find through personal investagations and talking with some of those involved are totally bogus and never occured but are nothing more than attempts to make money through lawsuits. I have cruised on Carnival 10 times now and have never seen any of this wild partying going on. Feel free to support whatever cruise line you choose, but please don't make statements that you cannot confirm from personal experiance.
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