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Default RE: clothing optional?

Hi Margold,
Yes, there are plenty of taxi's at the pier to take you out to Orient beach, think the fare was $15-20. If you find another couple to go, you can split the costs. As for finding a cab for the trip back to the pier, yes, they are also waiting around at the beach to take you back and you may also find some people to share the ride with, we were able to do that and then the cost back was only $5.00 per person. You can also pre-arrange with the first driver to come back at a certain time and pick you up if you wish to do that. As for loungers on the beach, they are all over and the cost was $6.00 that included a drink. You should not have a problem getting some of those, in fact they will most likely ask you. Hope you make it out there, its a great beach with a lot of water activities too.

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