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Default Lyme disease from Caribbean?

Can anyone tell me if Lyme disease is something that can be contracted in the Caribbean? I got a strange bite on my cruise back in march. It was on my ankle and it hurt for a few days..but no "bulls-eye" rash..just some strange dots by it. About a month after the cruise I started having the following symptoms:
-muscle aches (recent)
-weakness and tiredness (recent)
-red "flushed" looking face
-rapid heart rate and palpitaions (once a few weeks ago)
-slight fever (98.9-99.4)

My doctor doesnt want to test for Lyme disease because he says that:
1) there have to be deer to get Lyme disease
2) the tests often come back false positive and false negative

My questions to you:
-Are there deer in either Cozumel, Jamaica, Aruba or Curaqao?
-Do you know if there have been cases of people picking up Lyme disease in any of those places?

I tried checking on the Center for Infectious Disease web site but cant find what I am looking for..please help!

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