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Default Re: Roatan...Tabyana Beach or Fantasy Island?

On a trip there last August, we went over to West End. We had been told to ask for guy named, John Paul (I think that's correct) and he would take us over to West End. I can't remember the exact cost, but it was reasonable and all paid to John Paul. We found him on the dock. He put us in a cab and sent us over to West End. He and his wife have a restaurant there called the Salt & Pepper. We had use of beach chairs and a lunch consisting of a lobster and chicken. Our taxi transportation back to the ship was also provided and readily available. There were only 4 other cruise ship passengers there. The most important thing to remember about Roatan is INSECT REPELLENT. The sand fleas can be terrible. It's not enough to put it on once either. There were also large floats for 2 available for $5. The water was crystal clear and calm with great snorkeling. There is a convenience store here also, making it easy to buy extra drinks, ice creams, etc. It's quiet and off the beaten path. I mentioned doing the trip to the ship shore excursion desk and they even introduced me to the guy.
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