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Default Re: cozumel beach day or other?

I SO agree with Bob. We bought the "beach" package on the Grand, turns out we got rained out, but found out about the beach park from one of the MANY taxi drivers and were furious how much we paid, for how little. I was told there's even an aquarium by the beach. On most tours in most ports (other than Jamaica for safety reasons), go your own way. Find out what is good there, and you won't be stuck on an over priced "tour" paying to listen to some guy that may or may not know what he is talking about, following HIS schedule and not being allowed to do much of your own thing. Its not nice feeling like part of a herd on a tour, esp not with kids. Beaches are perfect excursions for kids btw, we always travel with ours, now ages 5 and 3. We did the turtel farm tour last year on the Grand with the kids. They were so restless listening to this idiot talk about the turtles and calling us back if we tried to sneak off to SEE them. When we did get the chance, it was about 10 mins. The kids were facinated and cried leaving them so soon. Go your own way and you will be happier, just take a watch.

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