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Default Re: Snorkeling sites in St. Maarten,& Barbados

In Barbados we took a ship's excursion and it was so im-memorable that I don't know where we even went. Friends did their own thing and went to Folkstone Park and had a ball. I wish we had joined them. Next year we'll be doing our own thing to Folkstone as well.

In St. Maarten I've tried about everywhere but Pinel Island and have not had terrific luck. However, Pinel Island seems to have a good snorkeling reputation from what I've read on these boards. I asked a cab driver what it would cost to do the Pinel Island thing ourselves and it was about half of what the ship charges. Guess where we're going next year?

Sea Princess, back-to-back, 1/25/03 and 2/1/03.
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