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Default Re: Culebra, Puerto Rico

During the early '80s I was in command of the Navy Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range headquartered in Puerto Rico. A bombing facility on Culebra was part of the complex. The range was closed while I was there but the Navy still owned the property and maintained an observation post that can been seen in the far left of the photo. During inspections tours I would look down on the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean which was vacant except for the contractors and their friends (nearly all of Culebra). People should not sun nude on a beach under the surveillance of an observation post equipped with a humongous set of binoculars. The locals wanted the property and not having a good reason to keep it except political, I started the laborious process of returning it. Always wondered how they would ever get anyone to go to that island, there was absolutely nothing there except great sheltered anchorages for people trying to get away from the world. So - there is the greatest beach on a really unspoiled Caribbean island.

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