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Default Ocho Rios - Peat Taylor? Dunn's River Falls??

I will be on a cruise (RCCL Voyager) in June and we will be in Ocho Rios from 8:00 Ė 5:00.

I keep hearing about people suggesting to go to Dunnís River Falls and going with Peat Taylor instead of the shipís excursion. I have no problem not going with the shipís excursion, but what is there that is so impressive at the falls? It is hard for me to see, because from the cruise reviews that I have read it appears that people walk to the bottom of some kind of waterfalls and then make their way (holding hands in a group) walking over rocks and stuff back up the falls somehow. Is that right? I see that you can opt to walk up some stairs that run alongside the falls.

Exactly what is neat about that? I must be missing something. Is it really a waterfalls, or do you walk up a stream?

I also read about the salespeople at the end of the hike uphill being very aggressive and that the guides are also aggressive for their tip. Everything that I have read really turned me off.

Please, let me know exactly what this is and whether it is worth visiting. If it is worth visiting, please explain how I can avoid the aggressive salespeople at the end (there is some kind of secret path to the parking lot I hear.)

Also, what is the next best thing to do when in this port if you donít do the Dunnís River Falls?

What is a good back-up plan in case it rains?

Is it worth snorkeling in Ocho Rios or is this port not a good place to snorkel?

Keep in mind that I would prefer to do any excursions on my own as opposed to using a ship-based excursion, so if you can give me estimated taxi prices and other helpful info like that, it would be great!
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