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Dennis brown
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Default Re: Ocho Rios - Peat Taylor? Dunn's River Falls??

We were not impressed with Ocho Rios either. We took the plantation tour rather than the Dunne River Falls because of my wife's arthritis. While it was okay, we would never think of doing it again. In fact not only would we stay aboard ship in Ocho Rios, we would never think of taking another cruise which has this port in its program.
As you say sdolliver, rudeness and aggressiveness is off the scale , not only in stores and on the street but even while we were sitting in our bus there were people banging on the windows in an attempt to get us to buy their goods.
I don't want to be too critical because I realize these experiences are personal ones - and I'm sure some cruisers have had an enjoyable time in Ocho Rios, but certainly not us.
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