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Default Re: Ocho Rios - Peat Taylor? Dunn's River Falls??

Dunns River Falls is just a fun thing to do. The water is clear, clean , crisp and cool. Its hard to explain unless you have done it. Its just plain fun. Snorkeling in Jamacia is lousy to say the least, strong currents, lots of jagged coral that "attacks" you. I have never been so scraped and cut as i was when i went snorkeling in Jamacia. As for the locals if you Do Not Make Eye Contact with them, walk away and don't say anything they won't bother you. Have heard great reviews about Peat Taylor. Would recommend doing a ships excursion if you don't use him. Another great tour in Jamacia is the river-raft tour, this is a very relaxing tour, you sit on these long bamboo rafts and your guide poles you down the river, the scenery is beautiful, you get to see the true Jamacia this way. Its such a beautiful island.
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