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Default questions about Dzul Ha beach in Cozumel

I am trying to decided whether I should go to either Chankanaab Park or to the nearby Dzul Ha beach. I want to snorkel and I have my own snorkeling gear. I plan on spending about 3 hours snorkeling and lounging on a towel on the sand.

I have researched both of these locations and this is what I know:

Chankanaab offers dolphins, sea lions, Botanical Gardens, Mayan Ruin Replicas, a small museum, lots of iguanas, whereas Dzul Ha offers none of this stuff. I donít think that I really care about any of that stuff Ė just the snorkeling.

I understand that the taxi ride from the piers to either of these locations should be about the same price (probably slightly more expensive to go to Chankanaab).

I also understand that Chankanaab charges $10 per person entrance fee and Dzul Ha charges nothing.

I have read that at Dzul Ha there are palapas (a thatched roof with tables and chairs under it) and if you use one of these, then you are expected to spend a minimum of $15 in food and drink purchases (it is $15 per group, not $15 per person).

I plan on snorkeling for a few hours and then returning to the cruise ship for lunch and I do not plan on buying drinks or food from any vendors on the beach.

I have 2 questions:

1) can my wife and I just place our beach towels on the sand at Dzul Ha and snorkel and relax on our towels?

2) is Dzul Ha the type of beach where I can lay on my towel or is it rocky and/or do the locals require you to sit in chairs?

I will be spending plenty of money in Cozumel shopping, so I donít want to spend too much when I go snorkeling. Any advice is appreciated.
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