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Default Re: Grand Cayman Sting Ray City tours???

On our most recent trip to Grand Cayman we made a reservation for the six of us with Soto's Cruises for $19 US pp. It sounded too cheap, but it turned out to be a wonderful trip, much better than when we booked through the ship for more than double the cost, had hundreds on our boat, and made only a single stop. There were about 30 in the Soto group and we all received personal attention. We were picked up at the dock and taken to their 40' boat, Sea Hunt, where we picked out snorkel gear before boarding. Make sure of your time difference, if any, when you book, but the people at Soto are familiar with the various ships and arrival times. After about a 30 min. boat ride out, we spent about 30 minutes each at the Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef, where we snorkeled and viewed many different varieties of sea life. The mates fed and rubbed bellies of sharks for all to see and offered help in joining in, but no one in our group was comfortable enough with the sharks. At Stingray City Sandbar we spent about an hour amongst the stingrays. The mates provided squid for feeding and assisted each of us who wanted in holding a ray. The crew was patient and allowed everyone all the time necessary to interact and take photos or whatever we wanted to do. On the way back, we watched the video of the trip, and you can bet everyone was in it several times, as well as the mates showing off the undersea life. On the ship-booked tour, squid, drinks, and equipment were provided at an extra charge. On the Soto trip, squid for feeding, snorkel equipment, water and lemonade on board, and the transportation to/from dockside were provided, but the video was offered for an extra $45. There were multiple formats offered, and our choice of MiniDV tape was extra, as well as postage to the US since we didn't try to pick it up later that day -- we paid $66 total for our video. It was a great adventure -- email for info or reservations.
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