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hi there. i have done a ton of research on the zoo and i have learned that it is quite primitive. an actual outhouse exists if you need the restroom and the zoo flooring is gravel which will be hard if you havea stroller. i have heard the zoo is amazing even more so for adults and that the zoo was built around the animals with very little concrete. spotting animals is hit and miss because their habitats are in the wild so if they are deep into you may not see them, however, if they come out, i heard they are "in your face." Most ship tour's are 2 hours spent at the zoo and i have been told 45-1 hour max is all that is needed. you can take a taxi and if you are using a car seat the zoo will let you keep it in their office. it is a 45 minute to the zoo. our friends that did it told me to leave my 2 year old with my parents, that she is way too young and it would be a major hassle and headache trying to work the strolle, better taking real younf ones to your local zoo. hope some this helps! moneyplays
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