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Davina...We went on the tour to the Zoo in Belize and everyone has their own feelings about different things, but I have to tell you we hated that tour! The bus trip was long and boring, they did have cold bottled water when you arrived but that went quickly in the stifling heat. We had to spray insect repellant on us to keep the bugs off of us. Throughout the whole walking tour we weren't able to see most of the animals because they hid in the bushes, so the guide would have to jump over the rails and scare the animals out for us to see for a second of them running away from him! We honestly couldn't wait to get back to the ship. I'm sorry if I sound so negative, because I hate when I see replies that are not positive, but I had to tell you my true feelings about this place. The wasted money we spent on this tour was not as important as the wasted time we could have spent on the ship!
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