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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

Putting in another vote for Jamaica!

With that said, let me add that I've been there twice. I didn't like it when I was there in 1995, but gave it a second chance in 2002. I still disliked it!

The island is pretty, as others have said. And, I did meet some very nice people. I was, however, very unimpressed with the service we received and I don't care to be accosted every few feet by sales persons or hair-braiders! I guess it's just not my style.

I've been to many other islands/ports that I love...Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Barados, St. Martin (both sides), St. Thomas, Dominica, etc. I even enjoyed Martinique and Puerto Rico, although it seems they're high on the least-favorite list, too.

Just my opinion!
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