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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

My question is why do so many people have to come up and try and sell you drugs? If someone is trying to find drugs then they can go ask someone for them. Just because I am an American does not mean I want drugs or that i am even interested in buying anything. Why can't the local people just leave me alone and let me wander were ever I want to without approaching me to try and sell me something. If I want to buy something i will go to the store or come to your booth and ask you to buy something. Ever been outside of a Walmart and someone approach you to sell you something? I am going into the store to buy what I want i don't need you coming to me to sell me something. Yes I am vacationing and most of us vacation to relax and sightsee not to be hassled or worry everytime ou see someone approaching you that you are going to have to tell them "no thanks". Bottom line is if I want to buy something I will go to the store and buy it, I don't need someone coming up and getting mad at me because I don't want to buy something. If I don't want to buy something that does not mean I am rude, it just I like to look at my own leasure. It is my vacation that I worked all year for to be able to afford to go and get away from the hussle and bussle.
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