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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

We will be going back to Ocho Rios for the second time on the Mariner of the Seas. I am a little
hesitant. We had a bad experience there a few years back. After going on an excursion to Dunn River
Falls we decided to take a cab to the shops. We were told on the ship NOT to go to the straw market.
That it was not safe. When we got into the cab we told him to take us to the shops but NOT the straw
market. ( it was farther away than the shopping area we wanted to go to ) He became enraged that we
were warned against it by the ship staff. He ranted and raved and yelled all the way to the straw
market and dropped us off . I was with my elderly Mom and he scared us to death! We just got out of the
cab wanting to be away from this maniac! So we were basically kidnapped! Taken somewhere without our
permission. I was furious. We walked back to the shopping area and took a cab with a lady cab driver
back to the ship. This trip I will stay with the excursion and not go shopping at all. Jamaica is a
beautiful place and it is a shame that some ruin it for everyone. As far as pushy venders. The worst I
have found were in Barbados, St. Lucia, Cancun, and Cozumel.. You just have to be polite but FIRM. I
read a review recently that a woman was at Labadee and the venders were grabbing her arm and pulling
her into their shops! Don't ever let them grab you. She also had to call a security guard to get them
to give all her change back to her.
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