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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

I won't say I dislike this Island since I have visited it twice but I guess Jamaica gets my vote. Visited it once by airplane to Montego bay then driven 2 hours to a couples hotel in Ocho Rios and then By cruise to Montego bay. I can't say I found the people to treat me any different but I will say that I found them to be too pushy as far as selling things. When we visited Dunn's river and had to go through the shopping area I stopped to look at something, when I turned around my husband handed me a wood carved mug. I asked him how he got it since I was carrying all the money. He said one of the locals handed it to him then grabbed his 40.00 Tommy Hilfilger hat and ran off. We also had a problem with locals trying to push marijuna on us every where we turned. The shopping area across from our hotel was recommended to get local handmade stuff. We went across the street with 200.00 we had local running after us if we passed their shop. One lady was dragging my husband by the arm and wouldn't let him go. She just kept dragging him all across her little building showing him stuff until I just broke down and bought something. Finally we just got something from most of huts that was there and told them we was out of money and would go back to the ATM at the hotel and be back. We never came back. Otherwise, the island is beautiful, the food is great but they don't take no for answer.

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