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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

We did not like Jamaica . We did not do anything to warrant the treatment we received. We are Canadians and were in fact very happy and excited to be going to such a lovely island. We believed all the travel shows that showed happy smiling people, huh what fools were we! All we did was get off the ship and we were immediatly accosted by dozens of yelling pushing taxi drivers. I've traveled all over Europe and couldn't belive how rude and pushy these people acted. They were not smiling they were yelling ! In Greece when we got off ferries on the islands many people approached us with pleas to come to stay in their hotel/ room/ hostel/ etc. etc. They did not scream at us , they smiled and coaxed , we were young at that time and on our own but we never felt threatened. Jamaica sucked( even though yes it is lush and green and lovely)
An earlier poster went on about staying in Negril. Negril is a artifical tourist strip of hotels that have bars and fences around them. Why do you think that is!?! The beach is wonderful but I think we all agree that the physical beauty of Jamica does not make up for the mean people. Oh yeah they pushed dope on us too(and I mean pushed!) They were sooooo aggresive in the market it was almost hostile!Never again!!

P.S. I live in a city on an island and we depend very heavily on tourists(we get MANY americans) We try to treat them nicely so they want to come back, it only makes sense to me that others in tourist dependent places would do the same.
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