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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

OK---I read all about Jamaica before I went, but was still unprepared for how unsafe I felt. I was traveling with a 9 year old and 13 year old. We did a "cruise excursion" b/c we were warned by the cruise line to not venture off on our own. Unfortunately, the excursion stopped for downtown shopping! My 10 year old daughter was grabbed by the arm 3 times, by people hoping to be able to braid her hair. We couldn't even walk from store to store without being hassled. I know this is their source of income, but no child should be grabbed away from their parents!!! When the answer is "NO!", these people just don't get it! Never again will I take a cruise that stops at Jamaica--can't understand why they stop at this port. A lot of our fellow cruisers were wondering the same thing!!!!
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